Geoff Shell

Artist, Musician & Creative Director

Geoff is the founder of:

Modal Media Group | Geoff Shell Music | Rad Universe


composer / co-author of:


A musical about Clara Peller, the "Where's The Beef?" lady.

Geoff Shell on ABC's Windy City Live

Geoff was honored to be a guest judge on ABC's Windy City LIVE in January 2013 for Mazda's "Dare To Dream: Search For A Star" contest.

Geoff listened to hundreds of contestants and had the unique opportunity to provide constructive feedback for everyone who auditioned. Approximately 120 contestants were invited for callbacks, then it was the judges' job to narrow this group down to 12.

Geoff was joined by MashPlant founder and CEO, Jason Brett, Chris Petlak from 101.9 The Mix and Robin Hughes, artistic director at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre.

Check out the clip of all four judges deliberating over who should be in the top 12, then see Geoff and Chris interviewed by hosts Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini before they announce their final selections. 


Guest judges pick the top 12 in Mazda's "Dare To Dream: Search For A Star" contest

Geoff Shell and Chris Petlak on Windy City Live

Aired on January 25th, 2013

Geoff Shell on TNT's NCAA March Madness in Polarcode music track

An excerpt from Polarcode's song "Supernatural" was played on TNT as a lead in to the final minutes of the Oklahoma vs Gonazaga game during the NCAA Tournament on March 21st, 2014.

Geoff Shell on E! News in Polarcode music video

An excerpt from Polarcode's music video "My Best Friend" that Geoff appears in was aired on the nationally broadcast E! News program during the closing credits on September 16th, 2013.

The episode was syndicated on the E! Network several more times the same week.

Geoff Shell in Polarcode music video "My Best Friend"

Directed by Logan Hall | Cinematography by Megan Donnelly

Available on iTunes | BandCamp | SoundCloud

Official Polarcode Site

Geoff Shell on Vocalo in Polarcode interview

Geoff got to chat with Polarcode in July 2013 on Vocalo hosted by Jesse Menendez about the origin of the band's sound, how lyrics and melodies get written, and the headlining show at Taste Of Chicago.

Geoff Shell on Radio DePaul in Polarcode interview

Geoff got to chat with Polarcode in June 2013 on Radio DePaul hosted by Joe Lanzerotti about origins of the songs on the Supernatural EP, the CD release show at Lincoln Hall, and other gigs and background.

Geoff Shell on

Geoff has been involved in many MashPlant productions both in front and behind the camera.

In "BREAK IT DOWN - Audio Multitracking", Geoff shows how to record multiple audio tracks and export them as a single MP3 file using Audacity for beginners.

In "The Making of a Flash Mob: Make Your Mark", it happened in Chicago: more than 200 people danced among the thousands attending the 2011 Printers Row Lit Fest. partnered with the Chicago Tribune and choreographer Jason Laws to produce a musical track for the dance section of the surprise flash mob. Geoff is featured in the studio working with Squair Blaq and kids.

Geoff Shell on 93.1 XRT in The Hue music track "Up To Yu"

Richard Milne introduces The Hue and Geoff's composition, "Up To Yu" on 93.1 XRT's Local Anesthetic in 2008.